Apple Bough
Published: 1962
Publisher: Collins London


What Myra and Ettie long for now is a home of their own, not a hotel in Vienna, or Venice or Moscow. But how can they convince their parents of that when their parents believe that becoming world citizens is all any child could ever want.

First Edition
Main Characters
Ettie (Ethel Forum) 5
Wolfie (Wolfgang Forum) 7
Sebastian Forum 8
Myra Forum 9
Mr David Forum
Mrs Polly Forum Trained as a singer, now an artist
Main Family
Other Characters
Popps (Miss Popple) Governess
Grandfather David's father - pasron-choirmaster
Grandmother David's mother - church organist
Mumsdad Polly's father - 'something in the city' - hobby is chamber music
Mumsmum Polly's mother - used to be part of her local operatic society
Peter Pond Sebastian's violin teacher
Dan Popple Miss Popple's brother - a vet, source of the family dog Wag
Mrs Bush Local farmer
Paul G. Ruttenstein American concert arranger
Misken Famous violin teacher in America
Dermidoff Russian violin teacher in Paris
Madame Leninskya Ballet teacher in Paris