Aunt Clara
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Published: 1952


Aunt Clara did what she could. It never seemed to be much. Her nieces and nephews were fond of her and took her for granted, her brothers and sisters criticised her and used her. None of them really thought about her at all.

It was only the strange charges laid on her by an old relative that threw her into a world of circuses, greyhound-racing and dubious house property, where, to the perplexity of her worldly-wise relatives and friends, she seemed to manage as well as other people, though not always in the ways they hoped.

Noe Streatfeild's new novel contains a variety of characters, abundance of incident both everyday and bizarre, and a charming love story. Over them all presides the shapeless but loveable figure of Aunt Clara, with her innocence undamaged and her will unbent by the assaults of fate and her fellow-men.

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1954Aunt Clara 7.1

A wealthy old man dies and leaves his holdings--including a brothel and a gambling den, racing greyhounds and a sleazy bar--to his eccentric Aunt Clara. Clara vows to "clean up" her new establishments, but complications ensue when she visits the crooked gambling den--just as it's being raided by the police.

84mDirector: Anthony KimminsWriter: Kenneth Horne (screenplay), Noel Streatfeild (novel)Actors: Ronald Shiner, Margaret Rutherford, A.E. Matthews, Fay ComptonLanguage: EnglishGenre: ComedyFormat: movieUK

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