By Special Request
Ref: 3351
Published: 1953
Illustrated by: Richard Kennedy


Nineteen well-known authors have written a new story by special request of Noel Streatfeild and so have contributed to a unique story-book, delightfully illustrated, which will provide everyone with entertainment and pleasure for a long time to come.

Each contributor has taken a different subject - Frank Tilsley, for example, writes a skating story, Ralp Hammond a story of Canada, Viola Garvin writes about life as the daughter of a famous Newspaper Editor, while Monica Edwards tells an enchanting story of a strange pony in Ireland. Most of the contributors are already known as popular writers for younger people; some, like Jerrard Tickell and L.A.G. Strong, are famous for their books for grown-ups.

A number of distinguished artists have illustrated the stories. Noel Streatfeild herself introduces the book and tells some splendid stories of her own. She also writes about each contributor and each story, so it is as if she is accompanying her readers on an exciting and eventful journey all over the world, meeting lots of interesting and unusual people as she goes.

The young sisters of those who enjoyed The Years of Grace will certainly demand By Special Request, and so will all those who are interested in things around them and enjoy a good story, well told.

First Edition