Ref: 3362
Published: 1956


Judith is a family novel. When we first meet Judith she is a child of twelve, her life dominated by her governess, Miss Simpson, and her longing that her mother, Avis, should need and love her. The child does not remember her father, Charles Winster, whom Avis divorced and who is spoken of by Judith's uncles and aunts - the militantly highbrow Stratford-Dericksons - as beneath contempt.

Judith's first visit to her father and his family opens her eyes to a world far beyond the narrow confines of her life with her mother. She meets for the first time her young cousins whose lives, at a later stage, are to affect her so profoundly.

Noel Streatfeild tells the story of Judith's growing from childhood through the difficult years of adolesence with a sympathy and skill which command admiration. It is a hanting and appealing story enlivened by genial good humour and a perceptive insight into character and human weakness.