The Painted Garden
Ref: 3331
Series: Ballet Shoes - book 3 of 3
Published: 1949
Publisher: Collins
Illustrated by: Ley Kenyon


Aunt Cora lived in California, and it was with mixed feelings that the Winter family received her invitation to cross the Atlantic and visit her. For Rachel it meant leaving her first real job as a dancer; for Tim it meant missing the chance of being taught the piano by the great Jeremy Caulder; and for Jane it meant stark tragedy - parting from Chewing-gum, the red cocker. But their father was ill and the doctor had ordered a sunshiny winter for him; and after being parted from them for most of the war he would only go if all the family went. So they went.

First Edition

The Painted Garden

The Painted Garden is a children's novel by British author Noel Streatfeild. It was first published in serial form in 1948, and as a book in 1949. The abridged US edition was entitled Movie Shoes. The novel is now out of print, the most recent publication being the 2000 Collins paperback.

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Main Characters
Tim Winter 8
Jane Winter 10
Rachel Winter 12
Mr Winter
Mrs Winter
Main Family
Other Characters
David Doe Plays Dickon in the film of The Secret Garden
Maurice Tuesday Plays Colin in the film of The Secret Garden
Aunt Cora
Bella Aunt Cora's Cook-General
Nana Posy Fossil's Nana (Nanny)
Madame Donna Dance teacher in California
Pauline Fossil Actress
Garnie (Aunt Sylvie) Guardian to the Fossils
Mr Hiram P. Sneltzworther Dealer in second-hand cars who runs Hiram's Hour on radio - in which Tim plays
Mr Antonio Owner of the drug store in which Tim plays the piano
Joe Steward on the train journey across America
Miss Mann Stewardess on the Mauretania
Mrs Bones Helps in the home
Jeremy Caulder Famous pianist and teacher
Peaseblossom (Miss Bean) Mrs Winter's friend who helps run the house
Dr Smith Family doctor in London
Madame Fidolia Runs the dance school
Posy Fossil Dancer
Manoff Czechoslovakian dancer with his own dance comapny
Mrs Antonio Owner of the drug store in which Tim plays the piano
Mr Michael Brown 29 School music master at Jane & Tim's school

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