The Thames
Published: 1966


The Thames is a quiet river, flowing through peaceful landscapes until it reaches the bustling city of London. But what sights this quiet river has seen! The Vikings who stained the water with blood. The people who were rowed through the Traitors' Gate to their deaths. William Shakespeare hurrying to a rehearsal at the old Globe Theatre. Flickering flames reflected in the water when London burned.

The Thames has played a vital part in much of England's history, and it still plays a vital part in English life. Its miles of dockland serve a multitude of ships from every corner of the earth. Anything that ships can carry and merchants can sell can be found on the Thames' docks.

Above London, the Thames is a pleasure river. Small boats of every kind are seen skimming to and fro with London's weekend sailors abroad. Colourful regattas and boat races on sparkling water make the river a place of enchantment. Pleasure steamers ply up and down its waters, for there are many beautiful and exciting places to see along the banks. Families picnic along the river's edge. And swimming contentedly among the river craft are the majestic swans that claim the river as their own.

This is the story not only of a river but of a people and a land rich in history and culture. Through it all, "London's River" peacefully winds its way, playing its role as it ever has - the artery for the heart of England.

First Edition