White Boots
Ref: 3407
Published: 1951
Publisher: William Collins Sons & Co


An illness leads to Harriet learning to skate, paid for by her brother who works hard to help her. She becomes a friend with Lalla who is in rigourous training to become a champion skater, but who is more interested in playing the clown.

As the friendship grows, so does Harriet's ability until she threatens Lalla's position as 'champion skater' can their friendship continue?

First Edition

White Boots

White Boots is a children's novel by Noel Streatfeild. It was first published by Collins publishers in 1951. The book was published under the title Skating Shoes in the US, also in 1951. White Boots tells the story of a poor girl and a rich girl who meet as a result of figure skating and is the tale of their unlikely friendship.

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Main Characters
Lalla Moore
Toby Johnson
Alec Johnson
Edward Johnson
Harriet Johnson
Mr George Johnson Runs a food shop mainly selling weird produce from his brother
Mrs Olivia Johnson
Main Family
Other Characters
Goldie (Miss Goldthorpe) Lalla's Governess
Nana Lalla's nurse
Uncle David
Aunt Claudia
Max Lindblom Ice-skating teacher