Wintles Wonders
Ref: 3408
Alt. Title: Dancing Shoes
Published: 1957
Publisher: Collins
Illustrated by: Richard Kennedy

First Edition

Wintle's Wonders

Wintle's Wonders is a children's novel about a theatrical troupe by Noel Streatfeild. It was first published in 1957, and in 1958 was published in the US as Dancing Shoes, a title which has also been used in more recent UK editions. A number of Streatfeild's children's novels have undergone similar retitling, linking them to her most successful book, Ballet Shoes. Wintle's Wonders draws on the author's own acting experience, and revisits the type of theatrical establishment seen in her adult novels The Whicharts and It Pays to be Good.

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Main Characters
Rachel Lennox Orphaned older sister who is keen for her younger sister to do traditional ballet like their mother.
Hilary Lennox Orphaned younger sister who is more interested in the less serious arts such as tap, acrobatics, musicals
Dulcie Wintle Cora and Tom's spoilt daughter
Tom Lennox Husband to Cora Wintle
Cora Wintle Aunt to Rachel and Hilary
Other Characters
Yolanda Cook at Mrs Wintle's school
Ena Dance teacher at Mrs Wintle's school
Pat Dance teacher at Mrs Wintle's school
Mrs Storm School teacher for the girls
Pursie (Mrs Purser) Housekeeper for the Wintle's and makes costumes for the dancing school
Wanda Cook at Mrs Wintle's school