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2020-01-16 Carrie Hope Fletcher writes Ballet Shoes-inspired book for Puffin The Bookseller Ballet Shoes
2019-09-01 Winning on Points Slightly Foxed Jacqueline Wilson Ballet Shoes
2019-07-12 Anglican women novelists: Streatfeild’s saints and sinners Church Times Clemence Shultze
2019-01-01 Review: Noel Streatfeild’s Christmas Stories, Noel Streatfeild Girl with her head in a book Noel Streatfeild's Christmas Stories
2019-01-01 Review: The Bell Family, Noel Streatfeild Girl with her head in a book The Bell Family
2019-01-01 Review: The Whicharts, Noel Streatfeild Girl with her head in a book The Whicharts
2018-12-19 The Growing Summer Television Heaven The Growing Summer
2018-06-29 The Dresses in Aunt Clara Clothes in books Aunt Clara
2018-04-25 Virago to publish forgotten 'gems' from Noel Streatfeild The Bookseller Katherine Codrey Noel Streatfeild's Christmas Stories | Noel Streatfeild's Holiday Stories
2018-04-24 Virago to publish two new collections by Ballet Shoes author Noel Streatfeild The Guardian Alison Flood
2016-07-07 Review: The Growing Summer, Noel Streatfeild Girl with her head in a book The Growing Summer
2016-06-07 Top Ten Reasons To Be A Noel Streatfeild Fan Girl with her head in a book
2015-12-03 Babbacombe’s by Susan Scarlett / Noel Streatfeild Clothes in books Baddacombes
2015-01-01 Review: Saplings, Noel Streatfeild Girl with her head in a book Saplings
2014-05-01 Review: Theatre Shoes, Noel Streatfeild Girl with her head in a book Curtain Up
2013-12-28 How To Tell If You Are In A Noel Streatfeild Novel The Toast The Whicharts | Ballet Shoes
2012-06-21 Midsummer - dream dresses for an audition Clothes in books Ballet Shoes
2012-04-12 Clothes Panics again: encouraging remarks for young people Clothes in books Curtain Up
2012-02-05 What You Need at Stage School: Ballet Shoes Clothes in books Ballet Shoes
2012-01-03 Noel Streatfeild’s Second-Hand Shoes: Reading The Whicharts against Its Juvenilization Ballet Shoes Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures Jocelyn Van Tuyl The Whicharts | Ballet Shoes
2009-01-01 Noel Streatfeild's Secret Gardens Children's Literature Association Quarterly Sally Sims Stokes The Painted Garden
In Her Shoes: A look at Noel Streatfeild's Archive Seven Stories Amy Burnside
Noel Streatfeild’s Historical Pageants Historical Pageants in Britain Rebecca Morris Gemma | Party Frock
The Growing Summer by Mary Noel Streatfeild Stella & Rose's Books Catriona The Growing Summer
The Whicharts – Noel Streatfeild Paper Blog

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