The Growing Summer
Published: 1966
Publisher: Collins
Illustrated by: Edward Ardizzone

Synopsis: The Gareth family live in a quiet suburb of London and are each happy with their daily life. When their father goes for a year to the Far East to track down a microbe their mother goes with him, leaving the children to be looked after their Great-Aunt Dymphana in her house in West Cork. A totally different life where the children are expected to be self-sufficient, from cleaning to washing, cooking and even finding the food, it doesn't start well. Throw in a run-away film star of their age, and a Great-Aunt who mainly quotes poetry at them and life seems a little bit mad - but gradually the children live up to it and start to understand the rhythms and patterns of local life.

First Edition
Main Characters
Naomi Gareth 9
Robin Gareth 10
Penny Gareth 12
Stephen (Oswald Wallington) 12 Film star on the run
Alex Gareth 13
Main Family
Other Characters
Mr Gareth
Mrs Gareth
Great Aunt Dymphana
Eamon known as Eamon-the-fish
Miss Oonagh
Mrs O'Brian

Films of The Growing Summer

1968The Growing Summer 0.0

Children's adventure series in which siblings (through a sudden change of circumstances) have to up sticks and go and live with a mad aunt in Ireland.

30mActors: Hoagy Davies, Laura Hartong, Zuleika Robson, Mark WardLanguage: EnglishGenre: FamilyFormat: seriesUK

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