The Growing Summer
Ref: 3390
Published: 1966
Publisher: Collins
Illustrated by: Edward Ardizzone

Synopsis: The Gareth family live in a quiet suburb of London and are each happy with their daily life. When their father goes for a year to the Far East to track down a microbe their mother goes with him, leaving the children to be looked after their Great-Aunt Dymphana in her house in West Cork. A totally different life where the children are expected to be self-sufficient, from cleaning to washing, cooking and even finding the food, it doesn't start well. Throw in a run-away film star of their age, and a Great-Aunt who mainly quotes poetry at them and life seems a little bit mad - but gradually the children live up to it and start to understand the rhythms and patterns of local life.

First Edition
Main Characters
Naomi Gareth 9
Robin Gareth 10
Penny Gareth 12
Stephen (Oswald Wallington) 12 Film star on the run
Alex Gareth 13
Main Family
Other Characters
Miss Oonagh
Eamon known as Eamon-the-fish
Great Aunt Dymphana
Mrs Gareth
Mr Gareth
Mrs O'Brian

Films of The Growing Summer

1968The Growing Summer 0.0

Children's adventure series in which siblings (through a sudden change of circumstances) have to up sticks and go and live with a mad aunt in Ireland.

30mActors: Hoagy Davies, Laura Hartong, Zuleika Robson, Mark WardLanguage: EnglishGenre: FamilyFormat: seriesUK

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